Since he could walk, Jay has always been fascinated by the construction industry. His grandfather, a plumber/pipefitter and father, a machinist, couldn’t understand where his love of woodworking came from but always encouraged him. At the age of 5 his parents built a new home…if dad hauled 2-2X4’s Jay carried 2 and worked the long days and nights right beside his mentors.

At 16 he started his own construction framing company offering design services. 30 years later he has had numerous roles and responsibilities within the construction industry and is always looking to apply his skills and learn more. Today he has built off a lifetime of experiences to assemble a fantastic Design and Planning team and a quality group of highly skilled affiliates and trades to provide you with a fantastic building experience under one umbrella – The Realm Structures Inc team.


Lead Designer / Project Manager

Whether it was building tree-forts on sunny summer days, or building Lego projects on wet winter days, Chris was always making a construction project out of something as a young child. As a teenager, he had his first job as a laborer for a local building contractor and then shortly after started his design and drafting training during his first year of High School. During his last year of High School, still not quite convinced of his ability, he was pushed towards the Skills Canada Competition to compete against others in Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting.

To Chris’ surprise, but not his mentors, he won gold medals in the Regional, the Provincial, and even the National competitions. He was also soon able to see the reality of his hard work; he was able to design and assist in the construction of a home for a client. Now, years later, Chris is still drawing and constructing projects for clients from workshops to luxury homes. Chris deeply enjoys designing and building projects for clients and he is always looking for a way to make things better.


Associate Designer

Lisa comes to Realm Structures Inc with experience and schooling in the finer details of home design and finishing. She has also spent time in the film and movie industry as a property master and set decorator. She is very much a detailed oriented person with a keen eye. She has respect for the owners wishes, while maintaining a focus on budgets and trends in the industry. Lisa is a valued and dedicated member of the RSI team.



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